The ePOPers network

Young people from the five continents produce video reports that relay the observations and questions of local populations, to report on the direct consequences of climate and global changes affecting their environments, or more simply their daily lives. In these short videos posted on and on Facebook and Instagram, people confide their feelings and question scientists and experts from around the world. To federate its network, ePOP is setting up workshops in different countries to facilitate the exchange of skills between young ePOPers.

The After-POP

In order to debate together the testimonies shared in the video capsules, ePOP regularly initiates public micro-conferences with screenings around the world. The After-POPs, that’s what they are called, are designed as coffee/debates and are usually held in meeting places such as Breweries, Cultural Centres or University halls. The workshops, built around an audience of experts, politicians, artists and NGO leaders, allow local citizens to openly debate the proposals suggested during the day by official personalities and organisations. The After-POPs are notably organized in the margins of major international events dealing with environmental and climate issues (COP, IPCC meetings, World Environment Forum, etc.).

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