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In Mali, gold is the largest source of export.
The locations of some lines are transmitted from word of mouth in general.
Among the most gold in Mali, we find the new Kéniéba region, 400 kilometers from Bamako, not far from the border with Senegal.

The production of Mali’s gold ore has bonded in recent years, there is more than 70 tonnes in 2020 according to the statistics of the Ministry of Economy and Mines, of February 02, 2021.

Such activity is not without consequence on man and his environment.
All forms of exploitation of gold, industrial and artisanal, use chemicals to increase their performance.
For example mercury.
Mercury has the ability to easily bind to gold and can release the finest particles. If industrial societies control the handling of this substance, for gold, the exercise exposes at risk. Gold when it is poorly manipulated, this substance defines the environment.

In the region of Keniba at the small village of Dioulagoudou for example, throughout the Falémé, a human tide of at least a fifteen nationalities work nights and days at the quest for gold.

These illegal operators settled on the river and rivers at the expense of Chinese operators in complicity with the administrative and political authorities contribute to the degradation of the ecosystem, using chemicals of any kind.

The residents assist, helpless, to this situation since the discovery of the gold mine of Dioulagoudou five years ago.

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