Dionewar, The Uncertain Future

The village of Dionewar located in the Saloum Islands in Senegal, is in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Saloum River.
Since the 1970s this place is threatened by environmental and climate change. A situation that has been accentuated since February 1987 with the rupture of the spire of Sangomar which is a narrow band of land that protected it from the fury of the Atlantic.
Today the village is confronted with the problem of coastal erosion that significantly reduces the area of ​​living areas and crops but also to a phenomenon of whaling that contributes to the enclocking of the populations and braking activities related to the Fishing and picking fisheries products.
Mama Lamine Ndiaye is a fisherman and owner of a tourist camp. He saw this nightmare on a daily basis and launches a call for distress to the international opinion.

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